I guess in this world people tend to have the notion that when you turn 18 you’ll smoothly transition from the snot face kid to a more refined individual whom the world can actually have some use for – from an immature kid to a mature adult. However sometimes that’s not the case.

I’m already 20 years old and I was told by my twin that I was immature (technically he said I think like a kid).

I was Immature in a sense that I only do things because of the fear of consequences rather than doing something because it’s what I want.

If that was the case, what would a mature person do then? Not think about the consequences and just go forth with their action because it’s what they want?

The way I see it there can be two sides to this. I can either be mature or immature depending on how you look at it.

In the society that we live in we were hard wired to grow up and make those growing up years a stepping stone into finding a great job and providing a good life for the family. This thinking is then passed on to the next generation. We have been fed with the notion that if we do this (what is expected from us) then we’ll have a happy life and if we don’t we’ll be a bunch miserable people on this planet. This is why people are scared to go against that norm. They’re scared that if they don’t do what is expected from them, then the consequences will be unbearable and you’ll eventually die unhappy. Now this may seem like the mature thing to do right? But it can also go the other way.

My twin made me realize something. I think maturity is subjective. It can either be you’re mature enough to set aside what you want for something that’s needed to be done for the peace, order and betterment of things or you can either be mature in a sense that you don’t let other people dictate you’re decisions and you’re willing to face the consequences of your actions because it’s what you want and what you think is right.

How about you? Do you think you’re immature or mature?


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