Dear Fifteen Year Old Self

By: Jodhie Cabarles

This week’s guest blogger is none other than our very own classmate Jodhie “mimi” Cabarles. Her blog “The Ukay Diaries” has already garnered several followers all over tumblr. Enjoy

we are young_e1

Turning fifteen was a tough year.  Heck, even Taylor Swift wrote a song about this horrifying time in anyone’s life. I sometimes call it as the “Dark Ages”; a time when you have a bucket full of angst, when your hormones go bonkers, the opposite sex becomes more confusing and a time when you would always throw a fit and belt out My Chemical Romance’s “Teenagers” as your anthem. Back then I thought puberty was the worst roller coaster ride ever but  reminiscing all those things now, I suddenly have this urge to pat my younger self in the back and tell her that everything’s gonna be alright, no need to be over dramatic. That and these words:

Dear Fifteen Year Old Self:


1. Please get off Friendster. Or multiply, or myspace or wherever part of the internet you’re lurking in. Don’t be an attention whore. I know you’re going through a very delicate I-Hate-the-World-Nobody-Understands-Me Phase but you don’t have to tell 357 strangers on your friend list about that. Breathe in some fresh air, have a cold shower and get a bit of sunshine. If you really want to rant so much, please refer to #2.


2. Don’t shut off your family from your life. Girl, that’s just your hormones going cray cray. Speak up to your folks. They’re the best people you could ever openly talk to.  Truth is: they’re actually pretty cool and no matter how much you say that they don’t understand you, trust me you’re wrong about that. These are the people who have watched you grow and hey, they’ve been teenagers once. Don’t be so emo. And speaking about emo…


3.  Man-liners aren’t cool. And so are pretentious little pricks who flip their hair sideways, texts you I luv you bhebhe qoh and plays “Your Call” in full volume when you walk past through them. Enough said.


4. Hold on to your dreams. I know that sounded cheesy but I really mean that. Don’t make decisions out of everybody else’s opinions. Choose what makes you happy, choose what you truly want. You don’t have to sacrifice your passion for the sake of friends, err I mean, “social acceptance”. Never let peer pressure choke you like a python, ok?


5.  Just enjoy the ride. You’ll never be that young again. Cherish every memory from the fun times, to the heartbreaks and what-nots but don’t forget to respect yourself. You may be battling acne and the gift of awkwardness that puberty has bestowed upon you but that doesn’t mean you have to intentionally butcher your self-esteem. Girl, don’t be OA. Rak! m/

Here’s a shout-out to anyone who braved through the great fifteen, is still fifteen or at least still fifteen at heart. The worst * coughs *, I mean, the best is yet to come. Huzzah!

Writer’s PROFILE:

Mimi. A little kid at heart who loves going on adventures donning her hand-me-down clothes. She still doesn’t know what to do with the rest of her life so as for now she’ll just hide in this little space on the internet.


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