The lucky winner of the awesome doodle book from Artwork is….

*drumrolls please….

JUNAVY RICUPUERTO 🙂16010_479404678770103_2107182154_n

She submitted a story about her memorable experience when she tried to her own version of the Your Ugly Experiment 1.1.

She said:

“I tried doing the whole honesty is the best policy thing and so far it’s been working for me. It takes time for people to warm up with the idea of radical honesty but once you get started it can be an eye opener, both to yourself and to other people. One time when my research partner was already getting into my last nerve I decided to give her a piece of my mind. Not to nag her but to express and lay out everything on the table so we can actually come up with a solution together. At first she got hurt but for me it was just though love and I wanted her to learn her lesson. The next day, it was as if nothing happened but she arrived on time and she finally had the initiative to do things while we were at the field.”

I’m glad a sprinkle of honesty helped Junavy in dealing with her problems. Sometimes, sugar coating things just won’t do and Junavy can definitely attest to that.

I wish to hear more of your interesting stories and outlooks in life guys! And for Junavy, congratulations for winning this awesome doodle book from artwork! Enjoy scribbling, doodling and writing your thoughts on its pages. Fill it with great memories and imagination. 🙂


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