What’s in a name?


Last night, when we were watching the news there was a report where they featured siblings with unorthodox names; names that you won’t normally give your kid. One was named Sincerely Yours98, the other was Spaghetti88 and the other one was Macaroni85. It was amusing because I heard different reactions from the report.  Some reacted negatively saying asking what kind of parents would give those kinds of names to their children. Some thought it was cool. I thought it didn’t matter as long as it’s a name. Like Shakespeare ones said “what’s in a name?”


However, let’s admit it, there’s just something about names that gives a person an extra boost. It’s easier to be noticed and remembered when you have a name that carries an extra punch with it. For example, Obama or James Bond; they’re simple names but there’s just something about them. The name itself tells something about a person (or probably that’s just because the first one is the name of the US president and the other is a secret agents’ name).

“Studies have shown that names do set up certain expectations and can influence people who put a lot of weight on first impressions. And those elementary school teachers tend to grade students with unusual names more strictly than children with common names.”

click source if you want to read more about it: (http://www.parenting.com/article/how-important-is-a-name)

In her interview last night, Spaghetti said that her odd name didn’t really ruin her life but it actually helped her in her career as a sales person. What am I trying to drive at? I’m not saying that a person’s future and ability to impress and be notices relies solely on his or her name. I’m not saying you should name your child with every food you see in your favorite fast food stalls (although it actually sounds cute). I’m also not saying that a unique name guarantees you a spot at the top. Of course, there’s the factor that will affect your success as a person. This may depend on how you do you work, determination, how you become a kiss ass to your superiors and so forth but a unique name puts you in a memorable person bin. It kind of sorts you from the rest. Which remind me of a documentary “freakonomics” where they tried to figure out if a name of a person has a bearing on a person chances in life? It turns out that names have races too and these names can actually have an impact when you apply for a job. Why? Well, in the documentary, they said that people with white names garnered far more interview requests than people with black name (I’m sounding really racist right now) so a person with an African American has to work harder to find a job compared to a person with a white name.

                At first, I thought that it was insane. I mean come on! Does it really matter? I thought it was so racists and unfair but I thought for a while. What if I was one of those low life, money shoveling, corporate men with their Armani tucks? What if I was in their black leather shoes and I was to choose between three persons with the same qualifications but with different names? What if the other one was named John and the other applicants were Daeshanda, D’Sean, Jarrika , Jamarr? Who will you choose?

                Anyways, at the end of the day I still think it’s not about a name. It can still go either way. A good name can only get you at some point but a good performance can get you so far. Honestly, I think the name actually says much more about the parents rather than the child. At the end of the day your name does not define you but it’s you who defines the name.



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