I want to break free!

This past few days I’ve been banging my head on my computer keyboard trying to figure out what my next post will be. It ended up becoming a battle between my laptop and my thick skull; the battle on what’s going to break first. Fortunately, neither did and I finally came up with another dim-witted addition to posts (no thanks to the head banging technique which, by the way, never works but has been tried by 1 out of a hundred desperate souls out there. DESPERADO MUCHO!)


We all have those crazy childhood times when old people would ask us what you want to be and we would have a bunch of bizarre answers. When I was a kid, I would say that I want to be an astronaut but I have car sickness so I opted to be something else. Then I decided that I wanted to become like Mulan but my eyes were too big so I wasn’t qualified. My cousins wanted to be power ranger blue or power ranger white, I wanted to be power ranger pink but my sister wanted to be power ranger pink as well so I settled with the yellow. Some of my friends wanted to be wizards, marvel heroes and so on. I wanted to be one of those awesome characters that I told myself over the years that I should wait till I’m eighteen or twenty one; that’s when my powers would probably kick-in. In addition to that a friend of mine suggested that I should try to expose myself in life and death situations to release my awesome powers but I probably won’t take my chances on that one.


Why do we want to be all this characters we see in the television screens anyway? Why do we want to be the actors and actresses and singers and politicians? Can’t we want to be ourselves? Why are we being asked on who we want to be anyways? I just want to be ME, M-E. Maybe they won’t understand or identify who the ME is because currently the ME is still a toddler or an elementary student or a high school student or a College student who isn’t famous or insanely smart but I think the best person that a human being can wish/want to be is him/herself.

What do I even mean about this being ME?

Honestly, I don’t know, it was just a random thought (I told you I hit my head on the computer keypad a couple of times so this is probably why my thoughts are in a mess). I just think the human population is turning into this ball of homogeneity. I’m not saying there’s something wrong about that but don’t we get the freedom we deserve to actually want to be something else other than what the society dictates from us? Maybe I’m just stupid but what can I say.

I see these things even in the simplest things. Filipinos are so fund of whitening products because we all want to be white. That’s what we see and we like what we see so we buy whitening products to become like the actors and actresses. Some might say that we buy it because we need it but what triggered you to buy the product? What sets it apart from others? It might not be because of the endorser but for some this might be the case.

This reminds me of my childhood when Jolina Magdangal (an actress in the Philippines) became so famous. Majority of the girl my age wanted to be like her and I remembered my mother buying me those butterfly hair clips. UGH! They were so popular back then that there’s no girl in my school during that time that didn’t have a butterfly hairclip on their head. It flutters as you move, it had glitters on them and Jolina was wearing them, it can’t get any better than that. Oh my shame when I saw my pictures wearing that “thing” was at an all-time high.


*Okay, maybe it doesn’t look that bad but it was bad when I looked at my photos so.. yeah. (LOL)

People want to be like their idols. There’s nothing wrong with it, I get it. It’s a good thing to have somebody that you look up to as a role model. But that’s where it starts. After the hairclip then the hair then the clothes and then next thing you know you’ll end up like these people:


If you want to know more about the people in this photo visit this source http://www.oddee.com/item_98715.aspx

But I just feel bad for them. To be wearing the face of someone and losing sight of how beautiful they can really be. It takes time to know who you are and it takes time to actually want to be who you are and like who you are (heck, I spend 75% of the time hating myself, 20% bargaining if I’m likable and 5% liking myself but this happens rarely so it’s a soft 5%) but that’s you and I think you can’t get any better than that. Imagine, a world populated by Barbie look alike. Too pretty! I don’t think I can take it!


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